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Tips if you want to have pets

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Tips if you want to have pets

Tips to keep pets

Pet is now the most common pets in people life, which is the most easy to be your sincere friend playmates, but many people don't even know what a pet skill, always make mistakes, then affects the dogs, and the light weight will affect the family, so I want to have or are in a dear friends, must pay attention to the taboo and methods of the pets, If you're not ready, here are some essential pet tips you should definitely learn.

First of all, you should choose a pet that is suitable for you. If you have a small house, it is not recommended to have a destructive dog like 2-Hasama, because they are naturally lively, and if you come home from work and see them making a mess, you will be angry with them. But do you ever think it's your problem to leave them in a small room knowing they're good for the outdoors, and you're doing them a huge disservice.

A friend told me that his friend kept erha in a cage for a whole day to prevent him from tearing things apart at home. After a long time, he said that the dog was crazy. At that time, I felt that it was human impulse to raise them, but the dog became like this. If there is no condition in the home, do not raise two ha, or you are hurting it.

And to consider whether the family is allergic to the dog hair, this is the length of the dog hair you have to decide to raise, if the family is allergic to the dog hair, it is recommended that you do not have a pet, this will only make the family do not like, before raising the family must agree to like again. Otherwise the dog comes back only you like the family repugnant words will also cause psychological damage to the dog, in fact, the dog is just like a child, if others do not like it. It can feel it, which makes it depressed. In fact, dogs also have ideas, and long-term indifference to it is the biggest harm to its spirit. If you are usually busy at work, really do not keep pets, no time to accompany it, it will be depressed into a disease.

Dog food must eat dog food, although also can eat human food, but most things are not to eat, such as: Pork liver, the dog dog eat for a long time will cause poisoning, because it contains what is more, is bad, so just give the dog dog eat dog food, and often buy some nutrition cream for it, after all, only eat dog food nutrition is not particularly high, occasionally to compensatory nutrition to dogs, some dogs eat snacks also cannot little.

Dogs also every year must be vaccinated, first puppy just when we got to the new environment must be don't try so hard to play, to observe a few days later, go to a hospital making an inspection on vaccination if you are picking up stray dogs, must finish check again decided to don't vaccinated, because the dog dog what may have been infected with the virus, Vaccinating a dog at this point not only hurts the dog, but has no effect.

If it is a newborn dog is not recommended to be vaccinated immediately, the first rabies vaccine should be administered after three months of the dog. But please do not think that the dog after the vaccine is ok, usually must pay more attention to the dog's daily performance, do not want to eat, or not in the mood to play with you. Not as lively as usual, be sure to take the dog to a check-up in time.

Once and not the same as usual, must be the dog where sick, remember to vaccinate every year, every time and last vaccinated best half month to one month in advance, but also to prevent the role of the vaccine last year maturity, about every six months to give the dog a deworming medicine, at last you have a dog before trouble must be sure to think of yourself is not suitable for a dog dog, Since to raise must be responsible for it, like raising their own children as pet it.

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