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Top 10 cold knowledge about dogs, you might never heard before!

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Top 10 cold knowledge about dogs, you might never heard before!
Top 10 cold knowledge about dogs, I believe that most of the shovel-poop officers do not know!
There is a lot of knowledge about pet dogs, seemingly ordinary; But it was only after understanding that the pet owner suddenly realized that it was true. What a pet dog wants is not good food and shelter, but the care from the heart of the pet owner. Only with this knowledge can pet owners have a more comprehensive understanding of their dogs. To get closer to your dog, start by learning something about dogs that no one else knows.

Fact 1: Dogs' ears are made up of 18 muscles, which is why they're so flexible
One of the most amazing things about pet dogs is that they can do so many things with their ears. Studies have shown that pet dogs have 18 muscles in their ears, which means they can use them flexibly. Humans, on the other hand, seem powerless, most of them uncontrollable.

Cold knowledge two: look simple and honest and matchless akita dog, in Japan to buy housing insurance to be affected by it
Akita dogs are seen as silly, with a goofy smile every day. In fact, he is so naughty that he wants to apply for housing insurance in Japan, one of which is to check whether he has an Akita dog. There's no way. Huskies aren't the only ones tearing apart homes.

Fact 3: Chihuahuas actually have more sensitive hearing and are more suitable for detection dogs
Dogs have a better sense of hearing and smell than humans, and are often used as detection dogs. Small dogs, like chihuahuas, are mostly kept as pets. In fact, chihuahuas can hear better than many large dogs.

Fact 4: An adult dog has 42 teeth
Dogs have a lot more teeth than we do, and the teeth of adult dogs are pretty sharp to us.

Fact 5: Dogs react 4 times faster than humans, so they just don't mean to hurt you
If a dog wants to hurt you, it's easy. Because whether it is their reaction speed, or physical quality, are stronger than human beings. They just don't want to hurt you, so don't mess with them.

Fact 6: The markings on a dog's nose are like a human fingerprint
Maybe we could use the markings on their noses to identify them. In this way, there will be no fear that it is lost, and when it is found, it can know the information of the dog.

Cold knowledge 7: The guide dog will not defecate anywhere because of the pet master's instructions
This is the great and sad side of a guide dog, which can't relieve itself when its owner doesn't let it. It's just that there will still be people who hate it and drive it away.

Fact 8: The first experience a dog experiences is stroking
When a dog is born, the most comfortable feeling is stroking. Gently stroke the dog and it will smile happily.

Fact 9: Newborn dogs can't hear or see
Unlike human babies when they are first born, dogs take a while to learn to hear.

Tip # 10: Never let dogs relieve themselves in public as their urine is highly corrosive
There was a lot of dog urine in Croatia when lampposts collapsed. Their urine is also highly corrosive, so don't let them relieve themselves in public.
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